Gujarati Vagharela Bhaat (Gujarati Fried Rice)

Gujarati Vagharela Bhaat. An ultimate comfort food and leftover recipe made in every Gujarati household. Gujarati Vagharela Bhaat aka tempered rice is a versatile dish that can be made with a variety of ingredients depending on taste requirements. I usually make this when I have leftover rice and I don’t want to make any dal…

Meethu Dahi (Sweetened Yogurt)

Meethu dahi (mithu dahi) is a sweetened yogurt that is highly delicious to eat and can be made in a matter of minutes! It works really well with hot and spicy foods and can be a lovely dessert after food. The inclusion of yogurt in cooking dates back to circa 500 B.C. in India, the…

Quick Recipe: Garlicky Avocado Bruschetta

Garlicky Avocado Bruschetta. This is the ultimate food item, be it an appetiser, a starter, or a breakfast item and will most definitely liven things up. I actually made these by accident by throwing a few ingredients together because I was soo hungry one afternoon. Bruschetta is delicious and quite healthy as far as appetisers…

Quick Recipe: Raspberry and Orange Ice

Here is another cooling recipe which can be prepared in minutes. It’s low in fat and very tasty. It goes down a treat at barbecues and gardens parties in the long summer evenings. Best Wishes, Krishna

Quick Recipe: Easy Banana Ice Cream

What a quick ice cream made at home. Here’s a treat for all the family which can be whizzed up in seconds. Keep the peeled banana chunks in a sealed container in the freezer so that it can be made in minutes when you are rushed for time. It’s low in fat and tastes great….