Chana-Bateta Nu Shak (Chickpea and Potato Curry)

Chana-Bateta, or Chickpeas and Potatoes is a classic Gujarati recipe and a wonderful accompaniment to a Gujarati Thali. This is another one of Gujarats most popular recipes. I think it’s because chickpeas are such a fantastic ingredient, with their lovely nutty flavour they are used widely across all parts of Gujarat and India. They have…

Gajar Kobi Ne Marcha No Sambharo (Warm Carrot, Cabbage and Chilli Salad)

Warm cabbage and carrot salad-speciality from the state of Gujarat Sambharo is a stir fry often made with carrot,cabbage and chillies.Grated or shredded vegetables are tempered in mustard seeds, tumeric, salt and lemon juice. The green chillies add the spice then the carrots and cabbage are stir fried or cooked slightly so the vegetables retain…

Pulao (Vegetable Rice)

This is a versatile dish and can be adapted to individual tastes and requirements. Vegetable pulao is a satisfying comfort food which when paired with pickle, raitu and roasted papad is a meal in itself. It’s a quick and easy recipe to put together which will suit the taste buds of even the choosiest eaters….

Bateta Nu Shak (Potato Curry)

This is an all time classic and a favourite in every Gujarati household. This particular recipe is one handed down to me by my mum and goes down on any occasion. You can have this as a main or an accompaniment to other dishes. Have it with thepla, poori, bhakhri or even rotli. This is…

Veg Spinach Shak (Veg Spinach Curry)

A lovely recipe passed down to me. It is a warm, wholesome and filling recipe which can be served with plain basmati rice or warm rotli’s or pooris. For those who do not eat onion can omit it from this recipes and still enjoy the lovely taste. Best Wishes, Krishna

Marcha Na Bhajia (Crispy Chilli Fritters)

This is an absolute favourite in my household and I usually have to make extra as they are eaten up very quickly! These are lovely with masala chai on a Sunday afternoon. Let me know what you all think of this recipe and how well it went down with your family. Best Wishes, Krishna